Raaaaft.io Tips and Tricks


The people who are interested in playing the Waterworld games can start playing the raaaaft.io games by taking help of the best raaaaft.io tips with the help of which you can easily be able to win the game.

If you are looking for one of the best games to play online, then nothing can beat the raaaaft.io games as this is one of the easiest and interesting games which is played on the island and in the water. The player needs to survive from the large killer fish which would be swimming in the water. The entire land is flooded with water and you will need to save your player from drowning in the water.

What Are The Best Raaaaft.io Tips

  • Use the fake direction path

When you find yourself trapped from the killers in the water, then you will need to follow the fake direction path by choosing one direction for just a second and then changing your route instantly so that the fish gets confused about your path. While playing the higher levels of the game, you should be understood about your cell. The large fish runs slowly and if you are trapped by them, then you can choose to increase your speed.

raaaaft.io tips

  • Make full use of corners and edges

One of the best raaaaft.io tips is making full use of the corners and edges for killing your opponent players. When you are playing on your own, then you have enemies all around and at that time you can use the edges to your advantage. When you manage to corner the opponents, you will be able to let them drowned without any difficulty. They won’t get any place to run anywhere and they will drown in the water where the killer fish will eat them. So, you should make full use of corners and edges when you can trap your opponents.

  • Increase your speed

When you find that your opponent or the killer fish is following you, then you can choose to increase your speed in order to save yourself from your opponents and killers. You should make sure that you keep your hydration and nutrition level in order to protect yourself from dying. Each time when the killers will hit you, you will lose your energy level and that’s why you should keep a check on the nutrition levels.

These are some of the common raaaaft.io tips with the help of which you can win this game without much difficulty because these tips will make the game easier for you to play and score.


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