Raaaaft.io Controls


Get the complete information about all raaaaft.io controls and enjoy this online adventure game to become a winner.

Raaaaft.io is a perfect online multiplayer game that you can enjoy to become a survivor by challenging all other players. In this exciting game, the players will be on an island in the middle of the ocean and there will be different kinds of challenges for survival. While looking for the best experience of this survival game, just know about raaaaft.io controls and enjoy this exciting game with your friends.

Raaaaft.io Controls for the Players

If you are also a new player in this game, you may require the complete information about all the controls to enjoy the game as a character on the island. Now, you don’t have to worry to get help to control your character because here is the complete information for you. Just use the controls given below to enjoy this exciting online game with your friends

  • Use W, A, S, D Keys or arrow keys to move
  • Use Left-click of the mouse to attack or for the actions
  • Press F to pick-up the items
  • Use the number keys to use the items
  • Control the zoom’s level with Mouse scroll

raaaaft.io controls

Easy to Use the Control in Raaaaft.io Game

As a player, you will not face any kind of inconvenience to enjoy this exciting online survival game on your computer. Just open your web browser and visit the website to start the game. After that, you will use the raaaaft.io controls given above to control your character. If you are able to control your character in a proper way by using these controls, you will find the real excitement of this multiplayer game to finish the challenges of survival on the island.

Control Your Character in a Better Way

It will be possible for the players to adjust the control options according to the inconvenience. Just adjust the settings of the controls to control your character in the perfect way. It will depend on your hand actions and comfort level that which raaaaft.io controls will be better for a better experience in the game. Just give me some time to make the adjustments and enjoy the game in a perfect way. Once you start using all the controls in a better way, you will be able to reach to the higher levels by collecting and creating all the essentials including food, water, and weapons.


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